Guest Book for Bonnie Sue (Adams) Lykins

Provided by Gaydos Funeral Home

Posted by: Bobby Grayson and Geri Shope
Tue February 09, 2021
Dear Dear Sweet Little Missy and Rosie and all the rest of your families...we are heartbroken over your Mommy’s passing. You know we love youns to death and feel so sad for youns. Lil Sweethearts, we hope your lil hearts heal soon and you can then start remembering all your PRECIOUS moments with Sue.  You girls was ALWAYS by your Mommy’s side n always talked about yer Mommy and LOOOOVED her so much. Youns are blessed for that.  She was very lucky to have youns and to know that youns loved her so much. We love you girls, and all of youns and REALLY let us know if youns need somethin, anything.  All of our love n healings hugs that we can send to youns, God bless her little soul. 🥺😢 Bob n Geri